Photo guide

I make frame bags custom fit. In order to do that I need a photo of your bike.

If you’re based in Amsterdam, bring your bike to me and I can take the photo and get all the measurements I need.

If you’re based further afield, please follow the guidelines below so I can make a frame bag that fits as snugly as possible.

Take a ruler with clear markings on it and tape it to your top tube, or stand a tape measure against the frame. If you don’t have a ruler/tape measure, wrap a single sheet of A4 paper (landscape orientation) around your top tube.

If you're ordering a half-frame bag and plan on using it with bottles, please put your bottles in the cages so I can design around them.

If you’re ordering a bolt-on bag, please remove bottle cages and unscrew the bolts half-way, so they’re more visible.

In a well lit area, stand your bike drive side out against a light coloured wall (make sure the bike is totally parallel with the wall and not leaning away from it or against it).

Check that your crank arms are out of the way of the main triangle.

A modern phone camera is fine, but don’t use a wide angle setting – this will distort the photo.

Stand roughly 3-4 meters back from the bike, crouch or sit down so you're level with the centre of the bike and hold your camera straight so it's pointing square at the bike. Ensure the entire bike is in the shot, including both wheels.

Once you’re all set – take the photo! Zoom in and check the markings on the ruler are legible. Check the perspective, does one wheel look a bit smaller than the other or maybe they look more oval than round? Then you probably need to move over a bit or check you’re not tilting the camera up or down when you take it. Feel free to send in more than one photo if you’re not sure which one is best.

In addition to the photos, please also measure the inside lengths of the three main tubes and send the info to me in the following format:

Top tube: 50cm
Seat tube: 46cm
Down tube: 57cm

If you have a larger frame and a decent sized head tube, feel free to send me that measurement as well.

If you have a curvy frame, just measure corner to corner in a straight line, rather than following the curves. These measurements are only used to confirm the information I will get from a well taken photo.

Send the high-res photo/s & dimensions to along with your colour choices. I'll be in touch if I need anything else from you.